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Not Bad, Not Good:T-Pain’s “Best Love Song” and Trey Songz “6’7′” Remix

Trey Songz continues to release remixes from his upcoming mixtape, first was “Look At Me Now” remix, now Lil Wayne’s “6’7’.” The song isn’t as effective as the “Look At Me Now” remix, which saw Trey talking dirty, rapping fast, … Continue reading

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Trey Songz “Look At Me Now” Remix

Trey Songz kills this remix of, the already crazy, “Look At Me Now“. Trey Songz has a hit and miss track record in my opinion but this one is a winner, maybe no better than the original, but definitely not … Continue reading

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“Money On The Brightside”-Drake/Lil Wayne/The Killers

I heard this on The Return of Nino Brown Mixtape as a bonus track. It’s just so smooth. I wish there was more Weezy in it though.

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Kanye Has Big Plans for ’11

According to his Twitter, West will be releasing “All Of The Lights” in a week, Watch the Crown, an LP collaboration with Jay-Z in 2 months, and A NEW ALBUM THIS SUMMER. This is shockingly fast since My Beautiful Dark … Continue reading

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Underrated Genius: Busta Rhymes

Busta Rhymes has never had the critical and commercial praise that other rappers, (Kanye, Jay-Z, Lil Wayne, Eminem, etc) have received. His album’s are hit and miss with his older songs (the days he had dreads) being crazy both lyrically … Continue reading

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Roman’s Revenge 2.0

K, I loved Roman’s Revenge, it’s by far one of the best cuts on Minaj’s, just-ok-album. Now we are privileged enough to get a remix featuring Lil Wayne (who was in prison during Minaj’s album recording). So now here’s the … Continue reading

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Bangladesh Creating 6’7′

One of the hottest producers right now making magic look simple….

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