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Beyonce 4 Album Review

Beyonce is one of the most illusive acts with such massive fame in our culture today. What do we know about the singer? We know her husband, Jay-Z. We know she’s been around for 15 years and ruled over Destiny’s … Continue reading

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Beyonce-“Girls (Who The Run This World)”

Beyonce has come back with “Girls (Who Run This World).” The first single from her 4th album, which is to include production from sleigh bells, Diplo, Symbolic One, Frank Ocean, etc, heavily samples “Pon De Floor” by Major Lazer. Diplo … Continue reading

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Diplo Interview With Carson Daly

Diplo recently sat down with Carson Daly in his studio (formerly the Beastie Boys studio) for an interview discussing his DJing, his production style, and artists he has, and is, working with (including Passion Pit and Beyonce). Diplo is one … Continue reading

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Beyonce’s 4th Studio Album

Many rumours have been circulating about the upcoming fourth studio album by Beyonce. Original rumours insisted that Beyonce was planning to make an album that mixed ideas of her idols, like Lauryn Hill and Stevie Wonder. People started to guess … Continue reading

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Adele, 21-Review

Gloria Gaynor meets Dusty Sprigfield, soulful british white girl, bringing empowerment and strength to a failed relationship. Adele has one of the best, sexiest, saddest, most powerful and soulful voices in music today. She was rewarded for that fact when … Continue reading

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6’7′- Weezy’s Back

Bangladesh can do no wrong. He is by far one of my fav producers of the moment: Kesha-Sleazy Nicki Minaj- Did It On ‘Em Beyonce- Video Phone, Diva Kelis- Bossy Lil Wayne- A Milli The point is this producer knows … Continue reading

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