I’m Back!

Exams are done. Summer is here. Time for the music discussion to begin.

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Britney Spears Femme Fatale Leaked

Britney’s 7th Studio Album, Femme Fatale, has leaked after months of hype and snippets. The album is straight dance-pop. Spears is back with this album and my first thought is it is on par with the masterpiece of pop, Blackout.

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Updated: Britney:Album Song Snippets

Dr. Luke has released to snippets of songs from Spears’ new album. Both sound like great club-pop tracks that make “Hold It Against Me” look like the first of many great songs on Femme Fatale. No promotion, or performances, but if this album is as good as Blackout, no complaints, a good studio artist working with the right producers is fine by me. Now let’s hear a Bloodshy & Avant song! All the songs are sounding killer so far… except maybe “The Big Fat Bass.”

“I Wanna Go”

“Inside Out”

“Inside Out” Clip #2

“How I Roll”-Bloodshy& Avant production, Robyn is a rumoured writer, not confirmed

Will.i.am’s contribution “The Big Fat Bass”

“Seal It With A Kiss”


“Drop Dead Beautiful”

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Jamie XX & Gil-Scot Heron’s “I’ll Take Care of U” Video

The video for “I’ll Take Care of U” by Jamie xx and Gil-Scot Heron is a beautifully shot cinematic clip following a female boxer and mother in New York. It’s a surprising theme that works extremely well. The video is one of the most interesting of the year so far.Watch it at Dazed & Confused now.

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Britney Spears “Till The World Ends” Released

Britney’s second single, written by Kesha with Max Martin and Dr Luke, is “Till The World Ends.” Another catchy club-designed track. It doesn’t reach the same level of amazing that “Hold It Against Me” captured with its dubstep breakdown, but it is still  a fine piece of catchy-ass pop music….that sounds a lot like Kesha’s “Blow.” Which isn’t necessarily a bad thing.

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Jennifer Lopez ‘On The Floor’ Video

JLo”s finally released the video for her surprise smash hit, “On The Floor.” The video shows a fresh and hot Jennifer Lopez dancing and looking as fine as she did 10 years ago. I’m impressed on how well Lopez’s comeback is coming a long. Good job Jlo! Britney and JLo back, I’m starting to feel like I’m in 2001 in the best possible way.

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Lady Gaga “Government Hooker” Snippet

Lady Gaga has released “Government Hooker” at Mugler’s fashion show in Paris, in which she modelled. The song is another nod to 90’s House music, but fresher and with tastes of both, old Gaga songs, and something darker as well.

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