2NE1- “I Am The Best”

Korean pop has brought about a few killer acts, those that could translate into an international phenomenon, given the right debut. 2NE1, along with Big Bang, are among  the most plausible for an international breakthrough, and their new song “I Am The Best” are possible of contributing to that. The song is the ideal dance pop song, which is the most powerful of current trends, see Rihanna, David Guetta, Black Eyed Peas, etc. Well 2NE1 just made a just-as-addictive tune, and the lyrics don’t even need to be in English.

The song sounds like if the girl group took a Black Eyed Peas songs but removed all the cheese and attempts at will.i.am to show off and prove he’s a good producer. It’s to the point pop. No filler. It deserves to be at the top of charts will be in Asia without doubt. The girls have big plans with multiple albums in different languages out this year, including an English album. “I Am The Best” is the beginning of a good year for the girls.

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