Jessie J Who You Are Album Review

Jessie J is one of, if not, the most hyped rising stars in the UK winning multiple awards and prestige before the release of her debut album, Who You Are. Her debut single was the mildly successful “Do It Like A Dude,” which was a catchy and rebellious song that was to ensure an image that was in line with artists like Lady Gaga or Rihanna. Questioning sexism, unique outfits, and swagger were all included in the video for the song. It is a good, but not very original, song to propel the singer to the mainstream. The second single was where questions arose, the song is a very commercial song that takes notes from Lily Allen’s debut album, every pop song to involve B.O.B last year, and the old theme of money doesn’t matter, let’s be happy and dance. It will be a hit, especially across the Atlantic, but again, something insincere was felt. Who You Are has now been released and the results are mixed. “Price Tag” and “Do It Like A Dude” are undeniably catchy, with the later being created by a who’s who of industry pros like Claude Kelly. The standout of the album where originality shines through the most is the live song “Big White Room.” The song is focused on Jessie J’s powerful voice, that doesn’t show as strongly on the singles, but it is a voice that deserves respect. She is not afraid to make that voice do funny and weird things as well, going very nasally or stuttering, but all effects used to emphasis the lyrics. “Big White Room” proves her voice is worth listening to Jessie J alone. The question still arises as to what kind of artist Jessie J is, and seems Jessie may be unsure yet herself. Songs are wide ranging, UK artists Lily Allen and Joss Stone are influences, along with State-side artists like Fergie, Britney Spears, Christina Aguilera and a handful of R&B artists. The songs all have powerful hooks and hit potential with a tight R&B-pop influence. The album has a sense of insincerity and feels as if the pressure put on Jessie J’s debut has resulted in a mixed pot, her voice and potential for a pop-star is there, but what kind of pop-star is undecided. Jessie J needs to find herself and identity still, once this occurs there is a chance for an amazing album. Confidence is not yet there with this young singer, once she builds up confidence, possibly while promoting this likely successful album, a unique and strong voice will be revealed. Jessie J sings about who you are, but needs to still find out who she really is musically.


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