Britney Spears “Hold It Against Me” Official Video

Britney Spears finally released the video for “Hold It Against Me.” It is still the Britney of the later half of the 2000s in the video, not what all the hype and fans were hoping for. The video is a fun, simple concept, but the editing it extreme and a good shot of Britney dancing doesn’t last more than 3 seconds I’m sure. It is a good video compared to “Piece of Me”  or “If You Seek Amy” but I don’t think it can even be compared to “Circus” or “Womanizer”. I haven’t liked Britney for her visuals for a while really though. Britney’s music is about producers, and Britney has some of the best in the world, look at Bloodshy & Avant. That is what made Blackout so good and that is what I expect to see on Femme Fatale. Enjoy the video…

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