PJ Harvey- Let England Shake Album Review

P.J. Harvey is one of the original indie artists to make an impact. Her album Rid of Me is a classic LP that remains a must have to indie rock fans. Her eighth studio album, Let England Shake, is a rough and fulfilling album questioning her country. Many articles have discussed this album as a political album, which it is, but it is less conventional than a Bruce Springsteen or Neil Young politically charged album. Let England Shake has a feel of rebellion, the drums thump, the album has an element of raw musical talent to it that is unheard in mainstream music today. The album is unpolished, just like the topics of war and national issues discussed throughout. What is the winning element of this album is Harvey’s voice. That voice has always been strong against the rock music behind her and could arguably be influential to artists such as Karen O today, and unlike many artists, her voice only seems to have improved. Let England Shake is an album as a whole, it is not full of singles, this is not a Rihanna album, it is by a woman with a vision. The vision is to question and discuss the politics of the world around her through her art form. P.J. Harvey is effective in doing so. Highlights are hard to choose, as each song has different lyrical perspective and showcases her voice in a different way. The album offers softer moments, hard rocking moments, and even poppier sounds, all with bold lyrics and that unique and beautiful voice of Harvey’s. If listeners are looking for a real woman, singing with passion and real instruments pounding behind her, this is the perfect album.


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