Grammy Performances That Matter

Alright, the Grammy’s were on last night, we all know the awards are a joke since Katy Perry was nominated for album of the year among other reasons. So lets get to the performances, which there were a few killer offerings.

Aretha Franklin Tribute

THIS is how you start an award show meant to be as classy as the Grammy’s. Christina, Jennifer, Martina, Florence, and Yolanda all killed it. Not a single note sang poorly. The girls proved that there still is much talent in today’s music industry and that the sisters are doing it for themselves…

Next up is the most discussed and the reason many were watching the show, Lady Gaga sings “Born This Way”. Yes, she has Madonna’s ponytail and almost an early Xtina look with the belly showing and, again, a ponytail. It was a simple (for Gaga) and effective performance that only benefitted the song and made it less synonymous with Madonna songs. This was the Lady Gaga seen on tour, dancing and singing without a flaw.

Rihanna was all over the award show. She sang “Love the Way You Lie Pt II” with Eminem looking stunning in a long ball gown and giving some of the best vocals of the song heard on an award show by the pair yet. Eminem then went on to rap “I Need a Doctor” and Rihanna came back to sing “What’s My Name” with Drake, well sing and also grind and move her hips like her life depended on it. I’m still enjoying this Rihanna era with the tribal themes, it reminds me of Janet’s “Together Again” redone for the today’s dance culture.

Those are the positive moments that will be remembered, along with Arcade Fire’s impromptu performance, the rest range from “mehh” to horrible (Janelle Monae did well but was weird to be put with B.O.B and Bruno Mars and Katy Perry just wasn’t good).

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