Rye Rye’s RYEot PoweRR Mixtape Review

Rye Rye has been getting major hype for well over a year now due to her signing to M.I.A’s record label. Her album, Go Pop Bang has been receiving release date push backs ever since. Finally a mixtape has been released to tide her fans over, RYEot poweRR. The mixtape, released for free on her myspace, is a non-stop Baltimore dance album that forces listeners to dance and fill with swagger and confidence. It is undeniable. Rye Rye has a chirpy high voice that flows over the beats and sounds with ease, like a boat floating with ease over a thrashing sea. The mixtape features original songs and remixes of others, like all good remixes, although a mix between remixes and original songs would’ve been nice, instead of the first half being originals, the second being remixes. Each song is crazy, upbeat, and offers fans a view of what Rye Rye is about and what to expect on Go Pop Bang. What to expect is non-stop party, Baltimore style, influences of the style are present throughout the mixtape, along with touches of M.I.A’s Arular (but with a more conventional rap flow). The mixtape is impressive, especially for a 19 year old yet to release an album. Rye Rye’s age is important, not because of any unprofessionalism cause the girl is as good has made a mixtape on par with anyone’s, but because it offers a youthful and fun filled sound. The remixes used are songs that people her age listen to, the lyrics are fun as well, not nearly as serious as newer M.I.A tracks, instead songs like “Chase Me” offer themes of making money, not caring about boys, and just a feeling of good times. The remixes all keep choruses from the original songs and much of the original music, sometimes sped up, slowed down, or cut and pasted together to make it fresh. Although the songs are not the newest, “Club Can’t Handle Me” from the summer, all the way back to Cyrus’s “Party in the USA,” they all sound great with Rye Rye’s radical feel and sound. Mixtapes are always important in the development of artists, they show the process of the artist’s creative development, their influences, and their direction. RYEot poweRR offers a look at what Rye Rye is about, and she is about party and fun, with some witty lyrics and the ability to keep attention for over an hour with ease. If this is the direction for Go Pop Bang, then the album can not be released soon enough. Rye Rye may have a lot to contribute to music, bringing the Baltimore sound to a bigger audience, although it has been made mainstream it is usually a watered-down version. Hopefully this mixtape will do its job and bring more popularity to this growing artist and lead to a hit for Rye Rye’ debut, because this woman could only be a positive to American rap music. Download RYEot poweRR here on the right side widget.

Tracklisting Below:

RYEot poweRR Tracklist

1. Go Pop Bang
2. Bang dis Bit$# Out
3. Hardcore/Artschool Girl feat. Telli (Ninjasonik)
4. Art School Boys
5.Witch Doctor
6. Back It Up
7. Diga Doom
8. DJ Go feat. DJ Say Wut
9. Chase Money
10. Club Can’t Handle Me (remix)
11. We R Who we R (remix)
12. X-pill (remix)
13. Bang feat. M.I.A. (remix)
14. Party in the USA (remix)
15. Like a G6 (remix)
16. Gimme Dat (remix)
17. Whip My Hair (remix)
18. Bring in the KATTS w/ Porkchop

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