Not Bad, Not Good:T-Pain’s “Best Love Song” and Trey Songz “6’7′” Remix

Trey Songz continues to release remixes from his upcoming mixtape, first was “Look At Me Now” remix, now Lil Wayne’s “6’7’.” The song isn’t as effective as the “Look At Me Now” remix, which saw Trey talking dirty, rapping fast, referencing his own hits and just enthusiasm and swagger. The “6’7’” remix doesn’t offer the same level of style or fun that “Look At Me Now” had. The song feels like, for the most part, Trey could’ve just read the rap in the studio, no attitude, sense of free-styling, or distinct features to set himself apart.

T-Pain is back with Chris Brown on the track “Best Love Song.” It’s not the best love song. The song falls flat compared to the amazing “Electro Man” and isn’t Brown’s best work after hearing him mature on “Beautiful People” and “Look At Me Now”. Instead the song feels like an old Brown song, like “Kiss Kiss” or an old T-Pain track. It doens’t seem fresh to me and shows Brown sounding more like his younger work instead of moving forward.

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