Nicole Scherzinger “Killer Love”

Killer Love,” by Nicole Scherzinger, is a RedOne produced track with a similar sound to her UK hit “Poison”. The production from RedOne for Scherzinger often feels rougher than his work with Lady Gaga or Jennifer Lopez, influences of electric guitar and rock seem more apparent, especially while Scherzinger wails like an 80s rock goddess. The song does not have a catchy enough chorus or melody to keep make a hit for Scherzinger, it’s definitely an album track. The song, for me, is important because of that RedOne production and the differences and similarities it shares with other production by the popular producer, similarities including like the clean synths and beats per minute, the differences including that more rock-oriented sound and noisier sound. I’m not usually one to suggest a popstar work with an already popular producer (look at Timbaland’s over use in 2006) but I would love to hear this kind of rock/dance/pop production on a Fergie solo album with her rockstar voice, although Scherzinger does do good vocals on the track.


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