Robyn Body Talk Tour Review

I had the pleasure of seeing Robyn perform at the Metropolis on the 27th. The concert was a sold out show full of every misfit, from old music geeks, to young hipsters, gays, and everything in between. It was actually one of the most diverse audiences for a show at the Metropolis I’ve seen. When Robyn comes on stage, nothing else matters though.

Robyn opened with “Time Machine”, off the last installment of Body Talk, and ended with her first hit “Show Me Love”. The show had 18 songs and Robyn never stopped. The energy, presence, and vocals from the singer is electrifying and magnetic, with only herself, a small band, and lights, it was impossible to look away. Her voice was completely the same as what is heard on the albums, not one moment where her voice ever sounded anything but perfect. It is known that Robyn often dances on stage, and in particular the choreographed “Dancing On My Own,” but this was a woman who danced her own unique, true, and sometimes geeky, dance all night long, never holding back or stopping. She was soaked by end, whipping around her towel. I expected a powerful and exciting performance from the pop star, but her band and music may have been what sounded better live than the album. The bass on songs like “Dancehall Queen” was richer, the alternate, slower, mix of “U Should Know Better”, and the breakdown in “Call Your Girlfriend” all felt fresh and brought Robyn’s music much more to life than what could be heard on the albums.

The star of the show was still Robyn, not the music behind her. She’s a rockstar, humping the stage, punching the air, demanding energy from her audience, and never missing a note. When an issue arrises, like a mic issue after the first few songs, she does not act like a diva, or hide the problem, but instead takes off her amazing shredded vest, in the middle of the stage, and has someone come fix it while the crowd cheers at the sight or peek at Robyn’s skin as the wires are moved around on her back. She stayed on stage, not hiding, because Robyn owns, lives, and breathes the stage. After watching her perform it’s clear it’s her home, never afraid to dance how anyone else would at home alone. I could try and choose which songs were highlights, but really, I think I  could change my mind everyday. Each song was done with the best of her vocals, and the most stage presence. The crowd never had a chance to stop dancing, to stop cheering, and to stop worshipping the rockstar on stage. Although I will bring attention to the song “With Every Heartbeat” where the lights shine in red and over the crowd as everyone raises their heat-shaped hands in a beautiful and picturesque moment.

Robyn has proven to be an impressive and thrilling live act. Vocally, she is one of the best live, especially considering her running around and dancing. Robyn goes on that stage with the confidence that she does own the stage, and is strong and representing the misfit crowd, she doesn’t need to say it like Lady Gaga, it is known and felt, she never tries to act cool, she acts herself. Thank god herself is one of the best popstars live, without tricks, dancers, and props (except a banana), just herself, music, and a mic. Only that mic, music, and Robyn and it is easy to be in ecstasy and entertainment for the whole show.


  1. “Time Machine”
  2. “Fembot”
  3. “Cobrastyle”
  4. “Call Your Girlfriend”
  5. “Get Myself Together”
  6. “Dancehall Queen”
  7. “Dancing on My Own”
  8. Medley: “We Dance to the Beat” / “Don’t Fucking Tell Me What to Do”
  9. “Love Kills”
  10. “Indestructible
  11. “Stars 4-Ever”
  12. “With Every Heartbeat”


  1. “U Should Know Better”
  2. “Konichiwa Bitches”
  3. “Be Mine!”
  4. “Hang With Me”
  5. “Show Me Love” (contains excerpts from “Dancing Queen”)

Update: I love her vest.

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