Underrated Genius: Wynter Gordon

As I continue to write this blog, I must catch up on favourites of mine who aren’t releasing new music just yet. Wynter Gordon is one of my favorite artists, with an impressive back catalog for an artist still preparing for the release of her debut LP. Wynter has been around for a while now writing for the likes of Mary J. Blige and Jennifer Lopez (for her upcoming album Love?), there is also an endless stream of leaks and demos from Wynter Gordon found online on YouTube and compilations made by fans. Her first EP “The First Dance” put together a small collection of her own dance single “Dirty Talk” and other collaborations with Freemasons and a cover of “I Feel Love.”

Gordon’s first single is “Dirty Talk”, it hit #1 on the Hot Dance Club Songs chart and is currently #1 in Australia. The song is made for the club. It’s sexual, catchy, simple, and banging, a perfect debut.

The Freemason’s featured her on the track “Believer” another fresh club track that seems to get many plays whenever I start crushing on someone new…

My first introduction to Wynter Gordon came last spring though with her mixtape The Trouble With Wynter, a non-stop dance album that has Gordon covering everything from Sinead O’Conner’s “Nothing Compares To You” to Guetta’s “Love Is Gone” and Uffie’s “Pop The Glock”. It is unstoppable, blending form song to song in perfect motions. One of the best mixtapes on my iTunes. A MUST have if a fan of pop and dance music. Go find it, it’s worth looking for.

Other brilliant tracks include Toyfriend (on David Guetta’s One Love), Gordon’s assistance Flo Rida’s “Sugar”, on  Jennifer Lopez demos “What is Love?” and “Everybody’s Girl” and “Woman Scorned” “Renegade” “Wonderland” and “Stroke Your Ego”.

But really. Wynter Gordon has yet to do wrong in my books and her debut album, With Music I Die, can’t come soon enough. Truly one of my most anticipated of 2011.

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