Jennifer Lopez: On The Floor Final Version

Jennifer has an interesting career, with ups, and many downs these days, with her last 2 albums flopping and her upcoming album, Love? being leaked and numerous release dates failing. Now the first official single, after the flop “Louboutins”, has had its official premiere, called “On The Floor”.

I love some of Lopez’s back catalogue, “Waiting For Tonight,””If You Had My Love,” I’m Real,” “Play” and “Get Right”. All awesome singles that remind me of awkward teenage dancing now. Also the amazing cover of the seventies Donna Summer hit, “On The Radio”, a leak from this Love? era was a key summer track for me getting many plays.

“On The Floor” does not win me over as much as “On the Radio” or other leaked song’s “Everybody’s Girl” or “What is Love?“. It is not a bad song, using many notes from what is big on the charts already, with Pitbull’s inclusion, international elements like Shakira or M.I.A even, and synth club ready music a la BEPs, Rihanna “Only Girl (In The World),” and Kesha among others. It does not feel like a huge hit, but def #1 on billboard club and dance charts, other than that, not sure… It just doesn’t have that catchiness as some of the other big pop diva dance songs… Im still hoping for a better than average album with Love? for sure though.

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