Cut Copy:Zonoscope Review

Cut Copy is filling a void for me while Phoenix and Vampire Weekend aren’t releasing new music. Although all three of these bands are very different, they all are sonically rich, male singer, catchy, indie/pop/rock, and they are all excellent at releasing albums.

Zonoscope is a sonically deep album with electronic twitches and a sense of depth between vocals, instruments, and electronic production. The album is a perfect electronic-indie rock mutt, full of witty lyrics, fresh and clean production that could reveal flashes of Hot Chip influence along with Duran Duran.  The album flows well, while keeping a clear difference between songs, the music brings moments of trippy, tribal and wild, electronic, and poppy music.

Zonoscope will make an excellent album and Im sure will be played frequently by me, especially in the spring as signs of life and cheer come back after the cold dead winter. This is the time indie/rock/pop seems to be my favourite, I don’t know why, except that this music, like the spring, is fresh, clear, and a happy return (for Cut Copy).

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