Chris Brown “Beautiful People” & Scherzinger’s “Don’t Hold Your Breath”

Somehow I have yet to discuss these two new pop songs, even though they’ve been playing regularly on my iPhone.

Chris Brown-“Beautiful People”

Brown continues to impress with another leak from F.A.M.E (and possibly Fortune if a double disc). “Beautiful People” is in line with first single “Yeah x3” more than is does with “Look At Me Now.” I’m not sure how he will make a cohesive album out of the leaks heard so far, but none of the songs have been bad and have shown Brown’s growth and ability to really grow as an artist and fight for relevance after his downward commercial success of Graffiti. “Deuces” and now the leaks from F.A.M.E are all showing a relevant and pop-savy Chris Brown. Here he hooks up with in-demand producer Benny Benassi (Kelis, BEP, etc) and makes a sure fire club hit. Nothing that original, but definitely a likeable song that could almost be compared to Seal’s work with Stuart Price in 2007 with Brown’s auto-tuned voice giving hints of a more mature voice at times, especially while singing “everywhere, everywhere I go….” and the rest of the chorus, I hear a bit more deeper and interesting Brown vocal. I will be loving this song in the clubs, thats for sure.

Nicole Scherzinger- “Don’t Hold Your Breath”

Now the most interesting thing about this song is that it premiered like a year ago-ish as a leak by Keri Hilson and Timbaland. Now we hear a Nicole Scherzinger version produced by Dave Aude. The song is good no matter who is singing it. That chorus is instantly drilled in the listeners mind and after a few listeners will not get out of one’s mind. I was singing it at work all weekend is what I’m trying to say. I would be happy with Nicole finally getting some North American praise for this song, a far better single than “Poison” ever was.

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