Beth Ditto EP Review

Beth Ditto, singer of the Gossip, has broken the stereotype of what female singers in pop culture can be. She has embraced and celebrated a new body image that doesn’t fit with the normal, and her music can be considered similar, not the most conventional but Ditto has still brought it into pop culture. The Gossip’s sound has changed over the years but has always focused on that brilliant voice of Ditto’s with rock and dance elements, dance elements mostly heard in their last recording, 2009’s Music For Men, not their commercial breakthrough, Standing In The Way Of Control.

Now a voice like Ditto’s can be brought into almost any musical setting. It’s powerful and  unique, not like Adele or other power house singers today, her voice remains rougher, bringing in that soul from her birthplace of Arkansas. Ditto collaborated with Simian Mobile Disco for the song “Cruel Intentions” in late 2009. It was a successful collaboration bringing cool icey electro to surround Ditto’s voice. The ability for Ditto to join the disco was always possible, and this collaboration only proved that.

Now Ditto and Simian Mobile Disco have collaborated on a 4 track EP. The songs don’t wander far from the style of “Cruel Intentions,” and that’s not a bad thing. Each song has the icy beats and chilly surrounding, emphasizing the warmth and organic voice of Beth Ditto. Although a little more distinction and difference in production could be used in the 4 songs, the production does highlight Ditto’s voice in a new way compared to Gossip. The music is perfect slinky and slow disco, making the debut of the album on Beatport sensible.

With only 4 songs on the EP, it is worth seeking out each song, and also “Cruel Intentions” to see the origins of the collaboration. “Broken Heart Surgery” is a highlight along with “Do You Need Someone” but the lyrics and voice are what will make you fall in love with this EP. It’s perfect ice cold disco for the winter months.

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