Current Obsessions…

Ok, not too much more music out this week, although I still need to come to a verdict on Beth Ditto’s EP, but anyway, I thought I’ld discuss my latest song obsessions on repeat…

Booty Bounce-Dev

The original Like a G6 sample, I didn’t know this existed till recently!

Tonight (Hype Crush Remix)-Enrique Iglesias-Better than the original, I love Hyper Crush and they make this dirty song dirtier.

Take Over Control- Afrojack & Eva Simons-Not new, but never bad.

Cocaine- Eminem-Leaked song that’s been growing on me…

Wet- Snoop Dogg

Only recently discovered the genius of this song. drip. drip.

Others goodies…

Kid Sister’s Mixtape Kiss Kiss Kiss

Britney’s song (of course) and GD&Top are still staying high on my recently played.

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