Britney Spears:”Hold It Against Me” Review

Britney knows dance.

She knew dance in the teen pop era, full of sweet choreography.

She knew dance when things got slutty in pop with Slave 4 U.

She even knew dance when Gimme More came out and killed the clubs.

Now girl has gone and gotten dance right again.

This is not a Katy Perry rip off, or a Kesha song. This is Britney’11.

What makes the song for me is the use of dubstep elements that are embraced more than on songs from Rihanna or Kesha, and that is a VERY good thing as dub becomes more and more intrenched in dancefloor culture right now. Rusko is even rumoured to be apart of this Britney project. Now if you will excuse me, I’ll be listening to this on repeat for the next few days…. will you hold it against me?

Update: read Rolling Stone’s glowing review of the new single here.

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