Ro Danishei: End of the Rainbow

Points for album title and artwork immediately.

Also this album is free, à la Simon Curtis last year (Who appears here on a duet).

The album is mixed so far, the potential is there for an original pop artist though. Some more polished production and more vocal training and we might just have a new star…

The album highlights for me so far are the original “Drunk Txt,” “Never Been Kissed” and “Unlove Pill” but most of the songs are catchy and have potential to grow on me even more. The album shows a star that could be little Gaga-esque, and I hate to say that because everyone is compared to her these days. I’m not decided completely yet on this album so download and see… It is worth checking out for at least a few songs.


As I continue to listen to End of The Rainbow I continue to enjoy it and in particular her voice and the writing style that is popular in current mainstream making these songs catchy and stuck in my head. Definitely worth the download.

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