Music Updates: so many songs, so little time

OK. New Year. New Music.

I have a bunch of music I’ve been meaning to post about here are songs you should be listening to…

If you like Pink’s “Raise Your Glass” or Kesha, or Katy, then you will enjoy Avril Lavigne’s new single “What The Hell” which can be found on iLeaks.

It’s catchy, radio-friendly pop, nothing new, but nothing bad and could easily be a hit with proper promotion. Be prepared for a much more somber and acoustic sounding Avril on the new album though, not more of this, a pop single to sell records…

I recently gave Keri Hilson’s album a poor review but it is slowly turning me on… (get it? like her song old song) although it is still I view her as a lesser artist than say Rihanna because she is clearly a minute behind other artists in seeing where music is going. All the songs on the deluxe version are just as good, if not better than what is on the normal album though, so check those songs out if you can. “So Good,” “Won’t Be Long,” “Hustler,” “Fearless,” and “Lie To Me.” These songs would’ve helped give the album a clear direction and shouldve been used in the normal version.

Chris Brown is very hit and miss with me, I like some songs but am by no means a fan…. “Deuces” did end up being on many summer playlists for me this year though. On New Year’s Eve  “Look At Me Now” featuring Busta Rhymes and Lil Wayne was released, produced by Diplo and Afrojack(!!!!). The Production itself means it’s gonna be the fucking shit, (production was in capital for a reason with these Producers). Busta Rhymes kills it likes it’s still the late 90s in the best possible way, he’s on point. Lil Wayne…well can he ever do wrong? What was the case with “Deuces” too, the Chris Brown part is the least memorable. He may not be the best artist but if he keeps working with this level of production and artists, no complaints from me.  “Where Do We Go From Here” featuring Pitbull was also leaked from Chris Brown. It is very Usher, from the dance floor production to the Pitbull rap, but there is something almost Michael Jackson to Brown’s voice when he sings “and I don’t wanna do it alone” that I can’t place to any particular Jackson song, it’s just what I hear.

Those are some of the songs make sure not to have missed out on during holidays.

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