M.I.A. Vicki Leekx Mixtape

M.I.A’s new mixtape could not have given her a better start to the new year. Gone is the industrial noise of MAYA, and in its place is catchy, political, music reminiscent of Arular and some of Kala. MAYA was a good record, one of the most interesting and under appreciated of the year in my opinion, but it was not for everybody, from an artist who generally isn’t for everybody to begin with. We’ve already heard 2 of the best songs on the mixtape due to her releasing them on random websites, “Lemme Hump You” and “Generation NEY.” These 2 songs are the highlight of the album for me, I love them both. “Gen -N-E-Y” is the most quotable song, and has already been stuck in my head for months, it has attitude that is contagious. The whole mixtape is brilliant so there is no point in going through track by track. Just go download it already….

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