Underrated Genius: The xx’s “Islands” cover by Shakira

I don’t listen to Shakira a lot these days, I thought she could do better than Waka Waka and missed the She Wolf, or even the La Tortura, but it seems that this is what Shakira does; a creative, unorthodox, brilliant album, than a pop song that isn’t associated really with the album as a marketing point aka Hips Don’t Lie and now Waka Waka.

Shakira’s new album has one song I can’t live with out. Her cover of the the fabulous Xx’s Islands. The song was already great and a highlight of the album by Xx. Shakira gives the song a lush production and more relatable vocals to the song and I love it.

I would kill for an album of Shakira covering indie artists.

Can you imagine? She has the right producers and quirkiness!

If she can do more like this cover, I’ld be in heaven.

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